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by butterfly on July 5, 2011

Happy July the 5th… I am creating some new articles for a few publications and for both blogs (Erotica du Jour and The Sensual Foodie) Plus, there have been so many things going on in my private life. My son is in baseball camp as well as ‘all stars’ league, so lots of baseball mom action: making sure he has enough water, food and rest, basically. And doing laundry. Constantly laundry. Then, my two younger girls are, well, young girls. They wake up early and refuse to go to bed (so I can write). But, I have perfected the art of banana pancakes recently, which is no small feat. Yes, I have finally mastered the ‘fluffy pancake secret’. Add bananas to that, and you have very fluffy, delicious banana pancakes. And, I have attempted to go to bed early(er) and get up early(er) although I do hit the snooze button quite often. Despite my snooze button fetish, I have promised myself that I would get into great shape this summer. Yet, waking up early for a walk/run on the beach has happened once this past week. I had hoped to do it every day, but when I don’t get to bed early enough, well, I do need my beauty rest. I weigh out the positives while I hit the snooze button. More sleep (beauty), or more exercise (fitness)? Or, more articles to post (intellectualism)? So, I hope to catch up with creating fresh and interesting articles for my love child Erotica du Jour. In an effort to make this a dynamic and sexy blog, I decided to create two new categories for your pleasure:

  • Exciting News (updating you on Erotica du Jour’s ‘behind the pages’ happenings in between article posts)
  • Goddess du Jour (a new “goddess” will be posted every Wednesday)
So here is the Exciting News on Erotica du Jour this week:
  • I am writing a monthly article for Sensuality News: this month’s article (MODERN GODDESS) will soon be posted by Sensuality News’ Creatrix, Anne of Carversville. I am writing about awakening the sexual power in women and sacred sexuality. Lots of interesting information and plenty of arousing facts to think of while you do your yoga. Or sip your morning coffee. Or afternoon tea. 

  • Camille Crimson mentioned my recent blog post article about her : CAMILLE CRIMSON and I can’t say enough good things about Camille. Did I make her the “Goddess du Jour” yet? If not, I will definitely do so. I have a big crush on Camille. 

  • I am currently writing erotica stories for my first erotica novel. There will be four stories, two modern day Japan, and two Edo-period Japan. I intend on weaving the stories with sensual, poetic imagery according to the Japanese “kigo” or “seasonal” poetry. Each story will represent Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I had previously posted “Little Snow” for your enjoyment. I love to tease…  

  • My masturbation video has not been sent for Beautiful Agony. I know. You are waiting. I still have to video tape myself confessing all of my erotic secrets. It takes time to create, and I’m an artiste. 

  • My girlfriend and I are collaborating on two “feminist indie porn” websites. We are setting up our first photo shoot, and searching for unique, sensual women to photograph. Erotic photography is exciting and I cannot wait to show you some photos. I hope to add a photo section here on Erotica du Jour. Yes, willingly I have self-elected myself as our first model and next Sunday morning I will be covering my naked body in maraschino cherries. Just call me Maraschina Jolie

  • I have been working on The Sensual Foodie blog, which is exciting as well. I am writing restaurant reviews and playing around with my new Nikon camera. Food Porn. If I am not taking pictures of Food Porn, I will be taking photos of real porn, but food porn is fun and I love to eat! 
How I do all of these things and manage to exercise (must), take care of my three children (love them), eat (sometimes I don’t get a chance), blog about sex (when I can), write erotica (more than I actually have sex), eating & food (my pleasures), write recipes (for the aphrodisiac cookbook), cook (pleasure), make peach tartlets (they came out great), and write erotica? Oh, and let’s not forget, must make love with my husband (miss that). I definitely need to give him a nice, long, Camille Crimson-inspired blowjob (yes).
What? You want a video of that, you say? Well, we have been working on that for over a year and a half, but… that would make a membership section necessary.
I love so many things, and have lots of passion. Stay tuned for my next posts!

Kisses, Butterfly


If you love food, and lust over women like Nigella Lawson in the kitchen, then check out my new foodie blog, The Sensual Foodie… just click on the picture of me above covered in body sushi a la Nyotaimori, the Japanese erotic food art 女体盛り

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